Hi, my name is Rui Moreira. I'm a Portuguese designer director of Design Público, a communication design and consultancy studio based in Porto. At Design Público we apply design methodologies for institutions from different fields and dimensions, focused on innovation and improving people's lives. I'm also founding member and curator of two non-profit platforms: Pública, devoted to improve knowledge in the field of design, and A Prensa, devoted to book support, where I organize 2+2=5, a set of talks and a multimedia archive around publishing. I previously had the chance to work on world renown design firms like Bruce Mau Design (Toronto), and Grafica/Atlas (Barcelona), and collaborated occasionally with studios like Carl Nas Associates (London), Studio Es (Vienna), Studio Andrew Howard (Porto) and Solo (Barcelona). I was also co-founder of We Work For Knowledge, a design collective centered on cultural projects. Please feel free to contact me regarding any subject. Thank you for your attention.
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